12 December 2007

New and Improved SusieTron 5000

You tall people ain't got shit on the new SusieTron 5000. For you see she may be built smaller but if she throws a punch it will likely land in yo' crotch! Peeeyyaawww! **Susie, new and improved with karate chop action, crotch punch and a cigarette accessory that magically stays attached through all action packed battles!** Get yours now before we run out! Here are some testimonials from some of our loyal customers (some names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Joe: "The new and improved SusieTron 5000 is amazing. My iron underwear endured the karate chop and crotch punch. But her built in AI was able to have her still whoop my ass by climbing my tallness and almost ripping my head off. I recommend SusieTron 5000 to all my friends, the investment was definitely worth it."

Hunter: "I am 100% satisfied with the crotch punch action that the new SusieTron 5000 is equipped with. With in five seconds of activating the SusieTron 'wrath' mode I was on the ground, balls in tremendous pain, being tackled by a tiny saucy spic. Everyone should try out the new SusieTron 5000, her cigarette really stays in her hand AND lit!!!"
Hurry for a limited time only, the New and Improved SusieTron5000 is available for five small payments of freeninety-nine. All you need to do is pay the shipping and handling and you can have your very own SusieTron5000 in a matter of days. ***No assembly required.***