05 March 2009

Megalomaniacs save the world.

1. Psychiatry. a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc.
2. an obsession with doing extravagant or grand things.

A little history: Once upon a time I was a huge mc chris fan. I went to his shows, bought merch and even joined his online community. While a part of his message boards I made friends, exchanged letters/knick knacks and got to meet a few of the boardies. I have been around his message board through a few of the "do-overs" (shutting down of the boards and reopening of them) and have never had issues with anyone. Granted there are all sorts of people on those boards: lurkers, friendly people, people who get bent easily, people who like to argue, rude people, nice people. I have seen couples form on the boards (not something I would ever do but hey, there is someone out there for everyone right). It seems to me as of late that mc has allowed his popularity to go to his head.

His last show was a perfect example... I remember when mc would wait at the fan line to do his pics and autographs. He would chill, joke and tell people to join his boards or thank them for attending the show. The last show felt like for lack of a better term... a quickie. "Aright I made my money, I sang my songs.... hurry lets get outta here!" Several other fans have noticed he has gotten a bit big headed and to be honest even hypocritical. Example: His site rules asked not to bag on other celebs and artists.... yet just a few weeks ago he puts out a vlog bagging on Ashton Kutcher (no I don't like him) and Demi Moore. This goes against his "positive" intentions cause HE IS TALKING SHIT! I mean come on buddy.... either we all can talk shit or we all don't talk shit. None of this, "It's okay for me to do it but if you do I banish you from my website forever!" I mean that's pretty stupid. Check out the ebay auction I am talking about:

(starts at about :30)

Several good people that have been die hard fans for years have recently been banned or have chosen to leave due to stupid nonsense on the message boards. Granted sometimes people change and maybe mc is trying to go a different direction with his life/music. So be it, but he has to realize that people have free will. People are entitled their opinions, they don't need to be rude or forceful about them. So that brings me to the straw that broke the camels back...

Earlier this week mc put up a vlog for his newest ebay auctions:

(3:00 into it)

He is auctioning of his hat. ***Disclaimer*** This is just my feelings and nothing more the man has done nothing wrong except do something that I do not agree with for personal reasons. My friend brought that hat to mc at the last show we both saw him at. And now he puts it up for auction, it made me sad to see him auction it off cause my friend was really excited to give it to him. My friend also expressed a bit of sadness over it but we all agree that is is for a good cause. I don't agree that mc is auctioning off mod'ed game equipment, hand made gifts or other fan gifts unless he asks or something. I know I would feel hurt if I invested time, energy and money in a gift that is just set to be auctioned off. I understand it is for a good cause, I hope a cure for CF is found but I just don't agree with THIS method of acquiring funds. He has other things to get rid of first like video games that companies have given him, start off with that. Well needless to say I voiced my sadness on his message board and then I found that my post had be removed. And he wrote this:
it is definitely a bad idea to say anything negative about this auction. it's grounds for immediate dismissal. dont like what im doing keep it to yourself. ESPECIALLY on this issue.

At first I was taken aback that he would just take down a comment that I left saying that I did not agree with his methods but thought the cause is a good cause to fight. So instead of replying in thread and having all hell break loose I sent him this simple PM:
You might want to add that to your list of rules on the rule thread to avoid future opinions from being expressed that may end up in people getting banned.

I was not aware that posting my opinion in a polite manner and expressing sadness at an auction item of yours was enough to be considered negative. I would have removed my post if asked, I have never caused problems for your or your board; I never intended to. I have expressed my opinion about a multitude of things and not being allowed to express sadness or have a differing opinion about one thing is a bit disconcerting. I understand that the cause you are fighting is a worthy cause as I had said in my post which was removed for me, it is going for a good cause. I just don't agree with the entirety of the methods used. I am sure that this whole thing strikes a chord close to home because of Murray but stop to think, would you be doing all of this if it wasn't for him? At what point did you decide to help a cause? What about childhood diabetes, autism, downs syndrome.... I am not saying that these are not causes worth fighting for. I know that I hit a tender spot because it is a fight for someone you love. I am not apologizing for having an opinion or my feelings, I am sorry that I upset you.

I know I could easily just post this all willy nilly in thread and have the boards in an uproar over things, I am a bit more mature than that. Once again I am sorry that I hurt your feelings and I am sorry that having an opinion can cause such problems. I have been with the boards through some of the shut downs and always have returned. It used to be a place that things were discussed and talked about... where opinions were asked for. I am not standing up for stupid actions like those of some of the members that were recently banned, they were being ass hats and got what they deserved. I am talking about being so restrictive that people can't post an opinion anymore. I could love every single song of yours but one, would that make me wrong or a bad fan? All I am saying is I have always supported you, your music, the fight for CF and the one time I disagree I get my post deleted. And to top it off the looming threat of dismissal. I think maybe removing my post or asking for me to do so through PM would have been a bit easier for me to handle. I know these are your boards and you do with them what you want, but you asked not too long ago what can be done to have people stay... I hate to say it but I think maybe you are driving away some of your oldest fans. These things happen, with any artist, styles change, people change, time passes and even fans change. I hope you can keep all your old fans and build a good, new fan base too.

I will be more than happy to remove my account instead of having it done for me. I would at least like to gather up some addys and messenger ids before I ride off into the sunset if it is acceptable to you. Once again I apologize for stepping on your tootsies and I wish the best for Murray and the CF fund.


My intentions were never to detract from mc raising money to cure a disease. I was not trying to be mean or negative, I was simply stating my opinion. I was not asking for people to side with my opinion but I struck a sore spot with the mc. And since it's his house I have been playing in and wants his "rules" followed I figured I would end my stay on the boards willingly than get the boot. This way I can collect info from people I have enjoyed on the boards and keep in touch with them. It's one thing to set rules and it's another to become a tyrant because of popularity, money or any other reason. Others have thoughts, ideas and feelings mc, not just you. I mean really no wonder you are hoping for the zombie apocalypse at least they won't be too concerned with any real issues just the ones revolving around eating brains.

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