12 October 2009

Time to put a cork in it. Or is it???

My writings have angered the great gods of talkity talk. Apparently I can't write anything without EVERYONE thinking I am targeting them personally.

What shall I do about this? Stop writing? Noooo NEVAR! Keep writing? Even at the risk of angering Holycat? Even if it means people will hates me because they think I am targeting them directly? Even when at times my writings are just year old musings that fart out of my hands? ABSOFUCKINGLOUTELY!!!

I have a mouth and it speaks. I have hands and they write. It would be almost like me having legs but not walking. Why?! Why cut myself off short on account of generic ramblings? Probably cause I am nice and I don't want anyone to suffer on account of my musings. I am seriously considering either relocating this bloggyblog. Or starting an anonymous one for the safety of the children. But sometimes I share here specifically for the enjoyment of people that I know. Even the strange lurkers that don't know me. Stupid Holycat trying to smite me for what I feel... for having a voice that happens to come out of my fingers. Honestly writing may just be a more dangerous outlet than other hobbies of mine. Little kitty, you come round these parts again and I will be making street vendor tacos out of yous!!!

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