13 May 2010

The things I have to go through to buy ONE candy.

I get irked at old people that think because they are old they can ignore the 15 or less sign posted at the speedy check out line. And to add to that.... where I live this:
Some jack ass cuts in front of me at the 15 item or less line with a basket full of shit... and I politely say, "Yo, this lane is for 15 items or less." And they look at me like I have a monkey eating lice out of my blue hair and say, "Que?" Aww come on mother fucker I know you heard me and saw me point to the fucking 15 items or less sign. So then in Spanish I tell them to stop pretending like they don't understand me.... Then in craptastic broken Enlgish, "Oh sorrrreeee." Mutha fucka I KNOW you can understand me and if you can't I will tell you in your native tongue.... and if you still act stupid I will fight you, with knives.

All for this:

Swedish Fish

And in other news:
I am such a retard! So I have been reading manga and it’s read right to left. And as my usual habit I take a gander at Calvin and Hobbes daily. I just started reading it with the right frame cause my brain is still stuck in manga mode. Meh! Least I can say I can laugh at myself.

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