28 September 2015

I promise I am not dead....

Or I wouldn't be writing this right now.  I have been quite busy with:
  1. Foreign exchange hosting.
  2. Work as usual.
  3. School, yeah I am not doing it for a degree... far better, for money.
  4. Training for my run.
  5. Planning my trip across the Pacific.
  6. Trying not to murder my husband's child.

Not dead and not the race I have been training for.

1:  Over the summer I did my usual hosting, it was only for a month; a student from Russia.  He was a really nice kid, just really picky.  My hope is that he will become more open-minded because it really does help in the long run.  Not just with food.
I currently have a German living with us for a year, he is not a picky eater.  Which is AWESOME!  He is 16, currently playing water polo and has a great sense of humor.  The kid is really laid back and will do well in life, he has already experienced traveling abroad and likes to try new things.

2:  I feel like summer is not a season full of beach, vacation and rest.  It is literally the busiest time of year for me at work.  I had high aspirations to continue my ceramics after work because they extended the studio hours during the summer, never made it there.  I did however work a lot, which means a bigger chunk of change in the bank.  Not without Uncle Sam taking out his 'fair' share.

3:  I'm doing it for the paper.  No not the degree!!!  I mean paper, as in dollar bills.  My work offers professional growth and as long as I take classes in my related field, I get monies.  There is a cut off but until I reach it, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to exercise the old noodle.

4:  I had a minor hiccup (stretching is for old people! or is it?) and had to cut my running back to some really low miles at really slow speeds.  It took me a good month to get back to running without a funny looking hobble.  I am ok now, the picture above is not for the race I have been training for.  It was a short distance run that I ran with my sister-in-law.  It seems the running bug has taken its next victim.  I shared with her some training info that way she can work towards a half or full marathon.  My half is October 11th.  If I don't manage to post between now and then wish me luck.  I anticipate to run slower than I was shooting for because of the injury I had.  I never had to stretch before!  Had a birthday and bam! get hurt.  Lesson learned: Yoga is my friend.

5:  So, I leave the 17th of October for South Korea and after that, a little visit to Japan.  I didn't realize the time was suddenly upon me.  I feel ready?  No, no, I am not ready.  And my sleep has become fitful in anticipation.  I am trying to just focus on finishing my class and my race and then spazzing out the week before I leave.  It should age me less I think.  I need to relax now, worry later.  It will all pan out, plus it's more fun if something doesn't go quite right.  Adventure!!!!

6:  The CHILD has taken on his nasty theft habit as a full time endeavor now.  It's not just swiping a quarter off the counter here and there, or helping himself to pop when he has a cup for water or taking candy from the exchange students.  He has moved on up to stealing from school, teachers and money from wallets.  This nonsense could take up a whole post so I will just leave it at that.  Awaiting a phone call from the School Resource Officer.  I foresee juvenile hall in the future for the kid.  And his real mother could care less.  After her midnight phone call on his birthday claiming she was robbed yet again, she has not tried to contact him again.  Before too long, he will be unable to be contacted via phone, only letters allowed to juvie.

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