15 January 2009

Stuff I look at online.

Glad you wanna know.... I likes the internets. I like the internets alot alot alot. So I have dug up some of the cool websites I like to check out and kill time at.... or laugh.... or just zone out on. Check-a check-it out! Feel free to share your links with me too so I can amuse myself more often. First off we got: http://www.truechristian.com/confessionboothx.html
Trust me, just click it.... I know you guys think it's probably think I went holy roller... no no no my friend, I just merely enjoy this site for its amazing pictures and stories.

And we also have this one:

Dude come on who doesn't want to cut out and assemble one of these???

Banksy is pretty cool, I spend time here:
I can indulge in works by Banksy and others... check it out, joo will likes it.

I love the art of Luke Chueh, I actually got inked with one of his designs cause he is so bad ass. Ya hear that! He is BAD ASS:

If you wanna be like McGuyver but more believable go here: http://www.afrotechmods.com/
Build something and amaze your friends.... and bang that lovely you've had your eye on. Cause you is smart!

And for all the Hello Kitty news you ever wanted to know and not know about: www.kittyhell.com
You can see a man's life as the husband of a Hello Kitty fanatic.

I go other places online but these are a few that I check on to kill time. Hope you have fun killing father time. That bastard has it out for me anyways. You hear me father time?! I hate you!!!

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