23 December 2010

Some people just can't have a simple debate.

What started out as an objective debate ended abruptly in a juvenile manner. The topic of debate: Banning of books after the book The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure was published. {I do not support the subject matter of the book. But starting a government imposed ban on any book starts treading on murky waters.}

Why? Suddenly the fact that I do not believe in god made what was a good objective debate turn sour. Just because I have no belief in a god means I can no longer debate? Well what about what I said before you found out I was a godless heathen? It was taken into account and a rebuttal was made. But now that you find out I am not a believer of a god I am not worth the time of day?

Well at least the debate didn’t end because I was a woman right?

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