21 November 2014

The Cruise

It has yet to happen but I am feeling a tad uneasy about it right now.  I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon from the cruise line regarding a delay in departure.


Yes, the winter vomiting bug.  The original boarding time was 2pm and now it is pushed back to 6:30pm.  So I will be boarding a vessel that will be rush 'sanitized' and have to live and eat on said vessel for 7 days.  And here people were busy warning me not to drink the water in Mexico....

Well, here is hoping I don't end up exploding out of both ends during my cruise, it would really put a damper on all the cool activities I had planned on.

And then there are the Negative Nancy's that just have to try and rain on my parade.  I swear people are vicious.  They get jealous because they don't travel and just try to ruin it by their nasty comments.  One person kept telling me how dangerous it is to go to Mexico right now.  The mass kidnapping being the primary scare tactic people are using to dissuade me from enjoying my trip.  I won't be going near that area of Mexico, that's my answer to the nay sayers out there trying to dampen my mood.

Now with a woman missing from Puerto Vallarta, Negative Nancy's rear their ugly heads again.  Puerto Vallarta is one of the ports we will be stopping in.  I won't be wandering about too much because all of my activities involve the beach.  Kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding.... all on the beach.  I am not wandering off into alley ways looking for danger.  

I could understand if people were being kind and urging me to be careful and mindful of my surroundings while I am out of the country.  What I don't need are negative little shit bags nagging me.  If these people would stop wasting their money on 60" plasma tvs, Escalades and McD's for dinner everyday; they too could afford travel instead of hating on my adventures.  Seriously these people just have to find something to nit pick no matter where I am traveling to.

Douche bags!


Wish me luck!
And here I was worried about Ebola, pfft!

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