06 November 2014

North Pole

No, not THE North Pole!  I mean North Pole, Alaska.  We had to be typical tourists and visit the Santa Claus House.  Though Santa was not seated at his chair the day we went, we were able to see some resting reindeer.  We took some pictures outside of the house, which is really a store filled with Christmas-y stuff: ornaments, gifts, snacks, souvenirs and all other manner of Alaska related goodies.

We stopped at the Knotty Shop but failed to get any good pictures of it.  Total fail!  My sister and I met up with my co-worker's son and daughter-in-law.  Had we not met with them we would have missed out on the Knotty Shop AND have had to endure the public transportation to visit the Santa Claus House.  More on the public transportation later, it's awful.  Maybe it's better during summer months, maybe not but it was pretty awful. 

I have a few more Alaska posts to go before I can blog about my cruise to Mexico.  I am both worried, excited and ready to stretch my legs on another adventure.  This one, much like the Hawaii adventure includes my trusty traveling companion, my mom and aunt again.  It will be all of our first time taking a cruise.  Wish me luck that we don't end up breaking down with over flowing toilets, getting abducted in Mexico or with an Ebola outbreak on board.

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