29 October 2014

Nasal Assault

I was going to ramble on about sun worship and the like.  But I happened to sit down in a foul place and it has overshadowed my original blog thought.  Maybe later I will go on about sun worship.

Right now my complaint is about high school children; again!  Yes, I know.

 I love my job.  But I hate the creatures that inhabit my work space: high school filthies.  And they are filthy.  Today I am supporting a computer lab full of students that are supposed to be taking a placement test.  My job is to help connect wireless devices if they are unable to connect or resolve wired connection problems.  

Piece of cake!

Except I have to sit amongst the test takers.  Shortly after the door was closed the heater kicked on, don't get my started on that waste of resources.  It's still t-shirt weather here in drought stricken California.  Shortly thereafter I was repulsed and stuck my nose into my sweater.  

The stench was of warm dirty bodies.  Warm, teen, dirty bodies.  Butt cheese and sweaty bed head smells permeated the room.  I felt miserable and wanted out but I couldn't so like a total jerk I kept my nose hidden behind my hand or in my sweater.  Damn if anyone found that strange or rude.  Children, WASH YOURSELVES!

But wait, there's more!  The filthy sitting next to me was a mouth breather.  A mouth breather that smelled like he had not had a shower since probably Sunday.  And the mouth breath was something atrocious!  It was like rotten death!  How the hell does a high school student have such a foul smelling rotten mouth?!

So here I am on my lunch break rejoicing at the open door, fresh air and enjoying my sandwich.  In another hour and a half I will be subjected to the next round of students being tested.  I fear the smells will be much worse:  it will be after lunch (I am sure there will be food stuck in teeth) and it's warm out... the stench it will destroy me.  

I have half a mind to use my respirator I use for Raku when having to be around the disgusting filthies.  I would rather be the strange tech wearing a fume resistant mask than have to suffer another day of this rotten body smell that children seem to emanate.

I think if hygiene isn't going to be taught and enforced at home it should be at school.  However, the school I am working at today is a continuation high school and therefore does not have showers.  But the schools that do have showers do not enforce after gym class showers.  It's all bad.  Now I will think about writing up my sun post.  I feel better, for now, having gotten that off my chest.

I think I would have been less angry about this all if the students were not such little assholes.  Absolutely no respect or manners... but then again I should have expected it since I AM working at a contiuation high school today; the cream of the crop for the entire district. 

I wish I didn't have to feel that way about these kids, I am sure there are some that are not total little shits but sometimes a few bad apples make the barrel look  less than appealing.  And right now the attitude AND stench of some of these apples is making me wanna high tail it for the hills.

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