16 February 2013

Gaviota Wind Caves Trail

Though I didn't make it into the wind caves, I did take the Gaviota Wind Cave Trail with my mom and sister.  I brought my little dogs along for the hike.  My little fat dog is still recovering from his back problems so I had to carry him at one point during the hike.  Poor little guy but he had a great time getting out in the fresh air.  I hope to return and explore the caves next time.  I would like to camp at Gaviota State Beach so I can linger about for the day and enjoy some time away from home.  Camping at the beach is relatively inexpensive, it's pretty, not too far from home and dog friendly.  Here are some of the photos I was able to take of the hike I took.

Fair warning, make sure you do a tick check after the hike.  Also cell reception is spotty at best in some areas so plan accordingly.  Be sure to bring doody bags to clean up after your dog if you go on this hike.  Poop bags are not provided at the trail head and you better clean up after your animal.  So rude when people leave their animal feces on the trail for others to step in.

I tried to upload my pano shots to imgur for anyone who was interested in seeing them at a higher resolution but the site is failing at uploads.  So I will have to search for something else to house my giant pano shots.  Next post should be a post for Nojoqui Falls.

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