22 February 2013

Nojoqui Falls

Better late than never right?  These are photos I took about 2 weeks ago when I went to Nojoqui Falls with my mom, sister and doggies.  It doesn't look like you can do overnight camping and the day use areas are over priced in my opinion.  But it is perfect for a day to walk and have a little BBQ in the park area (romantic picnic maybe).  It's been about 15 years since I last visited Nojoqui and it has not been crowded either time I have gone.  Both times in good weather!  Maybe it's not a popular spot to visit?  Maybe it isn't well known?  It doesn't matter to me because it's sorta close to home, dog friendly and beautiful.  If I could make this post scratch 'n' sniff for you I would.  So clean and crisp!

Though it had just rained earlier in the week this is it.  This is Nojoqui Falls, small yet beautiful.  And the water coming down was much warmer than the water I used to wash my hands in the loo!  If you do a Google search for these falls you can see that the water can come down in a big fall or little fall like I got.  The sound of the falling water was really relaxing.

This is another hike that I had no cell phone reception.  Though it was doggy friendly, no doggy bags were provided at the head of the trail.  But, much to my delight, there are several waste bins located along the trail.  I assume to accommodate trash from people going out to have a picnic on the trail.  There are several benches to sit and enjoy the area.  Next hikes to be posted are Oso Flaco Lake and Monarch Butterfly Grove and Meadow Creek.

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