28 July 2014

Football (American Football) is stupid.

I really don't understand the fascination with the sport.  And my husband can do without it too, so un-American of us.  But our son just started football today.  What?!  Yeah, I know sounds like counter-intuitive to put him in a sport we both hate.  Guess who else hates it, or so he said up until the very second we walked onto the field: Andy.

See when he came to live with us we basically told him sitting at home eating McFattie's or cheesy Ramen and sitting in doors all day was not going to be a thing.  If it weren't for his father's metabolism he would be a large oafish lazy kid who would insist he is not fat but big boned.  I digress, as I have the habit of doing.  He was given options: tennis, swimming, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, basketball (we tried and it just was horrible before it even began), soccer, tumbling, football and baseball.  He rejected every single thing that was offered with the exception of baseball.  Which he can thank his mother for not getting into Little League because she refused to send us the necessary paperwork to have him enrolled. 

So the last thing in the year was football and that's what he ended up with.
Andy:  I hate football.  I am not interested in it and I don't want to do it.
Me:  Next time we give you an option you need to choose or we will have to just choose something for you.
Andy:  I choose baseball.
Me:  Okay, now that we have all the necessary paperwork we will sign you up for next season, this year's season ended.
Andy: Uuugghhhhh I hate this.  (Mind you he hates anything he has never tried before.)

We want him to socialize and get to know other kids his age.  Among our peers only one person has a child near Andy's age.  With the exception of his cousin, that's it.  The neighborhood kids are mostly younger and the older one, I foresee them getting initiated into whatever street gang is local to this area.  With Andy's poor habits of lying and stealing he came to us with, it's not a good choice for friendships.

I am hoping he can make at least one friend out of this football experience.  If he makes more friends and has a good time, awesome!  I watched from the sidelines and he participated in all of the drills that his age group were asked to perform.  I half expected him to give up, walk off the field or pitch a fit.  I guess I didn't give the little guy enough credit.  After practice I asked him how it was and he says, "I made a friend, his name is Markus."  I asked him how did he feel about the practice, "Exercise, exercise, exercise, embarrassment, exercise, exercise, make friend, exercise, embarrassment and then sit down talking until it was over."  He does actually like hitting the "pushing boards" (I dunno what they are called, the tackle pads or something).

As much as I was bored to tears watching, I did get a good few chuckles watching some of the kids and parents.  Some people are really, REALLY into football!  I found a nice quiet corner to read, I think I may change up my running schedule to coincide with Andy's practices.  I am hoping next season's sport is at least something useful like swimming, kid still doesn't know how.

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