25 July 2014

My dog is a traitor.

I have had the pleasure of owning Snarky since he was born; in my car.  It was a gross mess, but I digress.  My husband came into Snarky's life when he was still small enough to crawl into the sleeves of his hoodie.  When Snarky was teething and my husband would let him tear his sleeves into tatters against my wishes.  He was has known Snarky long enough for Snarky to be "our" dog not "my" dog.  Yea,  yea, I know.... what's his is yours and what's yours is his.  Phooey!  To me Snarky has been and will always be "MY" baby, my dog.  Until Joey decided to leave for Japan, I was convinced Snarky liked me better.  He even lets me cradle him like a baby and rub his tummy.  When I am not feeling well he rushes to my side to comfort me.

The morning before the Joey's flight I took a quick picture of Joey holding Snarky in the kitchen.  I thought the demon eye picture was hysterical.  Of course it was the flash that caused Snarky's eyes to look like lasers were about to shoot out of them.  We got ready to leave for the airport and the dogs, both of them paced about.  Looked at us heading out the door and expected to be invited for a car ride.  I didn't take them because the drive to LAX is hot, long and no fun for people let alone doggies.  So they stayed at home with sad puppy dog faces.

I finally got home with the step-child and my exchange student after several hours of driving to see the dogs in a frenzy.  They were excited to finally see us home.  But at the same time, I noticed Snarky fell into a barking fit and wouldn't stop until step-child took him outside for a walk.  After the walk the dogs came back in and Snarky took to pacing the house.  Or at least I thought it was pacing until I realized he was sniffing around for Joey.  He pawed at the jingle-jail (what we affectionately call the doggy gate that blocks access to the bedrooms when we are not home), sniffed Joey's shoes and went back to the jingle-jail.  I let him through to the bedroom and he came out, sniffed around, looked at me and plopped onto the couch like a depressed dog.

Poor little buddy, he missed Joey!  That wasn't even the sad part, twice he woke me up pawing at the door.  Once I opened the door he would hop up on the couch, sniff at the front door, sniff Joey's shoes and then hang his head down and walk back to bed.  He did this TWICE!  I felt so bad for the poor little guy.  I finally realized now that he wasn't just shooting laser beams at me.... He was probably dreading the lost time he usually spends with my husband while he is at home tending to the house.  The last two days he has been underfoot and very clingy once I get home from work.  On occasion sniffing Joey's shoes.  I thought he was MY dog!  I suppose he is my dog but also my husbands.... probably more my husbands.  

Traitor!  I birthed you... or rather you were birthed in my car!  How could you just toss me to the side like chopped liver.  Or rather you would prefer chopped liver over being home with me you treacherous dog!  How did he go from sweet little puppy dog face with radar ears to crazy laser-eyed hate monster?  Okay so maybe he doesn't hate me but I had no idea Snarky would miss Joey as much as he has missed him in just two days.  Yesterday evening I gave both dogs a nice bath and showered them with treats.  It seemed to lift their moods and they were content playing with each other.  But again at night, this time both dogs, went searching for Joey at bedtime.  I hope it gets easier for the dogs, a member of the pack is missing as far as they see it.  And I really hope Snarky doesn't make a huge peepi mess when Joey does finally come back home.

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