01 July 2014

So rude!

Saturday morning I went out to run some errands.  I have a foreign exchange student staying with us from Indonesia and he requested a few snacks.  The guy in the above picture is not the exchange student.  He is a bad apple.  He is one of those older folks that think the world owes them something.  I can't stand people like that!

He had been standing in a check out line when he decided to change lanes.  In the process of changing into the lane I was queued up for, he slammed his cart into my arm in an effort to cut me off.  I exclaimed, in pain, "Ouch."  He then gave me the nastiest look and in a very rude tone said, "Excuse you."

No, excuse you.  You hurt me.
EXCUSE YOU, for being in my way.
An apology would be nice.
I am not going to apologize for hitting you.  I got in this lane first.
I don't care which lane you want to be in, I don't mind waiting.  What I do mind is getting hit and not getting a simple apology.
I won't apologize for hitting you.  I would do it again too.
For an older gentleman you are setting a very poor example for us younger people.

He turned away and didn't utter another word.  I so wanted to just pop off at the mouth and give him an ear full.  But he already was making himself look like a jackass... and getting called out for being a bad person was the icing on the cake.  People were looking at our exchange.  He was acting immature and someone young enough to be his daughter called him out.  I think he was a bit embarrassed.  I took out my cell phone and took a picture of the back of his head just so I could post it on my blog.  I was shocked that he was unapologetic no matter what his age.  I was so glad I didn't let my temper get the best of me but I was pretty hot under the collar.  Since when is it okay to mow someone down and feel good about it?  I seriously hate people some days.  I told the mister about it and he told me I should have hit him with my car.  Violence is not the answer but I hope that old man went home stewing because a youngster had to remind him about his manners. 

In all honesty I probably would not have said a word to him had he not hit my arm that is currently in a splint.  So yea, I was already a bit hurt in the arm that got plowed into.  I didn't need to be in more pain, I thought evil little thoughts in my head stabbing tiny daggers in his eyes.  It must be exhausting to be such a nasty mean person all the time... because that little exchange I had with the man was enough to tucker me out and it was only 9am!!!

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