22 June 2018


The day my sister and I went to have our Hanbok Photoshoot we meandered back a forth a few times between Myeongdong and Insadong.  I highly recommend Myeongdong for shopping and eating.  It's especially active at night when the street vendors come out full force and you can literally enjoy a buffet of variety without stepping foot in a restaurant.  It's been a long time since I have posted a blog but I figure better late than never.  Enjoy some photospam from our adventures in Myeongdong.

Green tea Patbingsu, it was tasty and we enjoyed a cup of tea as service.

There were many cosmetic/beauty stores that had items with cute themes.

Underground shopping.

Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

The juice went in a little plastic bag, making it look like I was drinking blood.

Wang Mandu

Gyeranpangg, I wish I could find some now.  I tried to make my own but it wasn't as good.


  1. Oh my goodness, these photos are incredible! I think my favorite is the polka dotted dog wearing a crown. I feel like I need a replica in my life!

    There is indeed something so appealing about being able to grab a bite to eat, and at a variety of places, without having to go inside and have a "proper" sit down meal! I wish there was more of that in my area, but sadly, there's only one or two food trucks that come around (but only when invited because there is an ordinance against them in my city, unless on private property). I so look forward to going back to NYC this Oct. because I know right where the food trucks park, and I didn't take advantage of it last year - this year, I so am!

    (Blog Swap / Bhindblueeyes)

    1. I am in love with street food culture when I travel. It can afford me the opportunity to try so much. The only downfall is sometimes I end up eating too much street food and not really get to enjoy a dining experience.


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