28 October 2010

Am I getting too old (part one)?

So the other day when I was driving home early from work I noticed an ocean of teenagers walking home, I live a few blocks from a high school. And I was thinking to myself, "Self, I have some of that clothes at my grandmas house from when I used to be a kid. The 80's fashion is fashionable again?"

So I hopped on my computer machine to do a comparative study of 80's fashion vs. Hipster fashion. And hot damn if some of the similarities are uncanny!

This was cool then and now... MAGIC!

I should have a garage sale of my old crap that my mother, aunt, grandmother horded. I just tossed out (Freecycled)a few dresses from the 80's that I had in my possession.... the girl that picked them up said, "Wow these are really cute! Where did you get them?!" Answer: 1985, no seriously, I am not lying. For real circa 1985. I just saw a picture of Halle Berry in a god awful thick striped sweater dress WITH shoulder pads. Any way enough of my grandma ranting. GET OFF MY LAWN YOU YOUNG WHIPPER SNAPPERS! I just find it that what used to be attire for a costume party or Halloween is now the "cool" thing to wear. Do kids still use 'cool' as an adjective? Or is it just rufus (Never Been Kissed reference...)now or some other descriptive word.

Note to self: Dig through grandma's garage and sell shit.

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