21 October 2010

What the fuck?!?!?! Seriously???

10 Things Your Kid Should NOT Be for Halloween. Take a look at number five:

5: Zombies and Vampires

We actually like "nice" vampires, so we aren't ruling them out altogether. We just don't advocate excessive blood and gore. Dangling eyeballs (synthetic, of course), buckets of blood and other graphic measures designed to shock can be just too much. They frighten small children and spoil the fun. There's a difference between scary fun and glorifying violence. Chances are you'll recognize the difference when you see it, so keep a sharp eye out as your older kids design their costumes.

Come on people..... it's freakin' Halloween! Honestly I would rather see a scary child than see people dressing up like pimps and hos... I mean I guess that's scary if you think about it... Just think your six year old says, "Mom for Halloween I wanna be a hooker." I would much rather my six year old tell me they want to be Nosferatu or Medusa than a damn hooker. What is this stupid world coming to now?

So do we want this:

or this:

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