23 August 2010

Bitterness a mental disorder?!?!?!

Link to Psych Today article.

Holy fucking hell you have GOT to be kidding me. When the new DSM comes out I will have to do an in depth comparison study of how ridiculous the American Psychiatric Association has gotten.

Bitterness is "so common and so deeply destructive," writes Shari Roan at the Los Angeles Times, "that some psychiatrists are urging it be identified as a mental illness under the name post-traumatic embitterment disorder." "The disorder is modeled after post-traumatic stress disorder," she continues, "because it too is a response to a trauma that endures. People with PTSD are left fearful and anxious. Embittered people are left seething for revenge."

Seriously? I mean seriously?! Man I can understand PTSD (to some extent, but we all know how people get over/mis diagnosed so often)... but people staying bitter at the world?! Fucking move on! Why are they modeling this 'embitterment disorder' after PTSD? How are they willing to compare an angry bitter person who is discontent with life to someone who has endured a serious trauma in their life (rape, torture, witnessing murders) that will haunt them for most if not the rest of their lives?

Hey let's give people an excuse to be angry, bitter, assholes! Whaaaaa leave me alone I have post traumatic embitterment disorder.... Oh geez what next?! What the hell is this world coming to?! For as much as I love the field of psychology I am SO glad I didn't finish my schooling to pursue a career in psychology.

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