05 August 2010

Nasty Notes

Don't you hate it when you come home after a long day of work just to find someone parked in YOUR parking spot? When I get off of work any guest parking has already been taken up by the 16 people that live in the 2 bedroom apartment down the way from mine. I PAY for my parking spot. So in an attempt to keep from having to call the tow truck I leave a note. IF I call a tow truck I am sure to find a nice gouge in my paint job or a broken window a few days after I have someone towed. It's just how it works. So in an effort to avoid the above described situation, I leave notes:

My notes are not rude, they are factual and polite. The person responsible for parking in my spot moved their vehicle and littered my note in my spot. I gladly threw it away and resumed my normal parking spot to avoid parking on the street where my car HAS had it's window busted out of.

Is it a bad neighborhood? Not really. Does crime happen from time to time? Yeah it does. Even in the nice ritzy neighborhoods bad things happen. (Menendez Brothers anyone???) So I like to keep my car parked where I pay for it to belong, in the car port spot. No one has parked in my spot since Friday when I originally left this note.

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