12 August 2010

In the last week I have:

  • Finished up 2 hats I have been knitting. I am going to give these away as gifts, to who I dunno. I am not too keen on being perceptive about what people like in terms of style and color. So I am not sure who to give the knitted hats to. The other hat is basically the same thing as below but in opposing colors (blue hat and pink heart).

  • I started on two scarves one of them is a drop stitch scarf and the other is a simple garter stitch scarf. The drop stitch one I was going to make for myself but the colors are all wrong for me but it's so pretty and soooo soft! So now I have to figure out who, that would appreciate it , I should gift it to. :/ Decisions, decisions...... The other scarf is a simple garter stitch and I want to make a pocket on one end to hold like either a phone a small wallet or ID/credit card. Plus I want to add knitted hearts to it. I have my mind on the person I want to gift it to but maybe the colors won't work for her? I don't know. I guess I can make it and if she doesn't like it I can regift it to someone who does or just wait till February and someone could use it as a Valentine gift? Here is what the drop stitch one looks like so far:

  • I recently found out that the manga site I used to use to read Naruto no longer has Naruto there for me to read :( Sad days! Oh well, I did get Volume 11 of Shippuden to appease my thirst for Naruto. Now I just have to wait for Volume 12.

  • Last night I finished the animated series Gungrave. It was a sad ending for me and I am really going to miss the silly end credits and the, what we have coined, 'Gungrave Run'.

  • Tomorrow I plan on starting the Gurren Lagann series, it's fairly short so I need to shop around for another series I want to get into that is available on Netflix.

  • I have game night coming up and I haven't decided if it will be a night of team playing Super Mario 3 or if it will end up being Apples to Apples.... I meant to get my game last night but I was so tired after working the VTC store I just had a shower, got in my jammies and vegged out to knitting and anime. I know right, how exciting! (Grandma status these days!)

  • So my plans for the rest of the week include: trying to finish the scarves I started, working at VTC, having sibling time, game night, Gurren Lagann marathon, get some much needed rest, find new musics, get some laundry done, maybe take the doggies to the dog park if not maybe the school again, finding some new hat and scarf patters so I can make more goodies for friends.

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