09 August 2010

Half empty or half full?

In my daily musings I decided that I like Tumblr over Facebook. Pretty much due to the never ending stream of negative status updates. It's rare anyone posts anything of relevance to me or of any bit of importance. Plus I have noticed I have been posting things to maybe 10 people out of the 200+ 'friends' that I am linked to. Plus I hate it how one picture/status update/comment from a friend can cause lurkers to go into an assumption tizzy. It never ceases to amaze me how many people assume they know what's going on in someone's life based off of a social networking site. Or how upset someone can get over a generalized statement. Or how one picture can disrupt masses of people. AMAZING! Not in a good way either, but it is amazing none the less.

So I pretty much decided the only thing I use FB for is.....nothing. It's a never ending stream of people complaining. There are the few updates that are positive or even informative. But for the most part it's pretty much a butt ton of people updating their friends about how shitty life is for them: money, work, significant others, children, family, unemployment, bad habits, boredom.

There are a few people that are actually positive and share the good things in life: promotions, kid milestone pics, achievements, vacations, weddings... the nice things people like to look at. (And the strange for those who like that kinda stuff like I do.) Those are the types of things I like to see more of.

When I am around negativity I tend to jump on the train and get on the whiny wagon about my life's problems. I know I have problems, short comings, stress..... but I think I like being around people that count their blessings. I have been trying, with my sister's help to acknowledge the good in my life even when I feel like the weight of the world is on my back.
  • I like that I am alive, even though it can be daunting. One day above ground is one day worth cherishing and enjoying.
  • I love my boyfriend, even though we argue at times. No couple goes without it's little disruptions. But I am lucky enough to have a loving guy who is willing to work through the tough times with me.
  • My family is INSANE and I love each of them even when I may be angry and say I hate them. Some people are not lucky enough to have any family at all. There is a strong bond that comes with being a part of a family that can not be replicated with people that are not family. We still call each other our stupid little pet names and know where they came from.
  • As tiring as my job leaves me a the end of the day, I have a job. These days, that in itself is a blessing. I don't just have ANY job I have a great job. I enjoy the challenge, the people and the fact that I have a job.
  • True friends are worth being cherished. They, much like family and significant others come with the good and the bad. It all boils down to: Are they worth it? It's a tough question and I have to answer it on my own.

If life is hard and you need encouragement; friends, family, significant others will be there for you when you need it. But daily crying about the little things makes you appear bitter and like the boy who cried wolf. How will your friends know when things are really bad? How do they know when to lend a helping hand or a much needed hug? It's hard to tell when someone truly needs a friend or if they are just being a Polly Pissy Pants.

In other news, I went to Ichiban with my sister for lunch today.
What did I eat: Unagi roll, miso soup, green tea and sunomono.
Hot topic of discussion: mostly knitting and dinner plans. Job related discussions about interviewing and resumes.

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