11 August 2010

Bored in Santa Maria?

Of course you are! And even if you have a hobby and are not bored, wanna do something different? Yes you say? Alright!!!! Tomorrow (Thursday the 12th) night is the best night to watch the Perseid meteor shower. You should watch it.

Clicky here to fill yourself with the knowledge you need to watch the meteor shower.

I will have to say since we live in Santa Maria and cloud coverage/fog/city lights can be a problem trying to watch a shower, I suggest a nice drive it doesn't have to be too far of a drive but it can be if you want it to be. Go out off the 166 somewhere or out by the Guadalupe dunes. Even out towards Sisquoc would work since it's further inland and darker.

Reasons why you should totally do this:

  1. The Moon is just a couple of days past new at the shower's peak, so there will be no moonlight to interfere with the faint meteors.

  2. Get out and get some fresh night air instead of sit cooped up at home during the week night (too late for you you say? pish posh take an early nap and go out for some stars later).

  3. School hasn't started for a lot of kids, so it would be a nice thing to take the kids out to do.

  4. Watching meteor showers feels like magic and is a fun experience.

  5. You can cuddle up with a loved one while watching the meteors. (Some hot chocolate and blankies will help).

  6. It's totally free! Well aside from taking a drive if you need to and supplies like candy or hot drinks.

  7. If you are a photo fiend, you can try your hand at night time photography or expand your night time collection (show me pictures!).

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