02 July 2012

Smells like violence up in here!

Finish Him!
Let the weekend of violence begin!  Or rather end.  First it starts off with a mean spirited little girl shoving another little girl face first onto a hard wood floor.  The pusher did not even have a look of remorse in her eyes for hurting another little girl.  For NO REASON other than the little girl is mean.  The mean girls mom passed it off as the other little girl "fell".  Then later the confessions of how mean this little girl really is comes out.  The mean girl has a hard time playing nice with other kids.  She is also a biter!!!  Mom sweeping the bad behavior under the carpet is NOT going to fix the little girl's problems.  Don't even get me started on why I think that bad mommy is bad.  All I have to say, is I have my bad habits and in my assumption I am not going to screw up another life for my poor choices.  Some people don't stop to think about that when they decide to parent a child.  Like I have said there are good parents and then there are breeders.  More on that later!

It doesn't end there.  A gentleman I know sometimes gets a little intense when he drinks.  It was all bad juju, seriously it's kinda like this:

Well let's all call it a night.  We will let Zuul and the Gatekeeper do their thing.  But it's time for us to go.  So we go..... down the street from where we were someone threw a glass bottle at my windshield.  I have people telling me that the neighborhood I live in is ghetto and dangerous.  I have never had a glass bottle thrown at my car where I live.  (I did however have the car broken into; all that was stolen was my iPod).  But hell that can happen any where.  I was in the 'nice' part of town and some random schmoe throws a glass bottle at a moving vehicle!!! Why?!  People can get hurt!  I am glad my windshield didn't get destroyed but it did leave a small divot.

Then I get a phone call about someone I know getting trouble.... for domestic violence.  I can only shake my head because I know deep down inside this person has it in them to be good but also is capable of lashing out.  And for as much as my mouth says, "He doesn't have it in him to do that."  I know otherwise and it breaks my heart.  Things should never come to physical violence, but sometimes it does.  I don't even know why.  I start to wonder, was it a full moon?  What's up with all the violence.  Then I check out the Santa Maria Times today (I like to read the obits and arrest logs; don't judge me.)  The article is titled A history of violence and below the title is the tag line that reads 'AREA HAS HAD SIX FATAL INCIDENTS IN 10 MONTHS'.  One of the most recent ones happening this weekend!  What's with all the crazy violence?!

In hopes of reading something to take my mind off of recent events in my town, I decide to cruise over to BadBoy's Blog.  I was hoping to see summer time BBQ's but instead I get to read about more violence.

Why is no one helping this girl?!  This is in public!!!!  Fights in public are a strange concept.  Gaijinass has seen some of the crazy mob mentality that happens in public places when fights break out.  But the video above, I can't understand that.  If that happened where I live it would be a different story, people would have helped or at least called the cops.  No one did a damn thing, except video tape it. :(

I am optimistic that the rest of the week will improve, at least I hope so.  My friend's wedding is this weekend and everything should be rainbows and unicorns!

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